Following the warnings and recommendations of her followers on social networks, Demi Lovato (29) has finally realized the risks involved in her controversial ‘Californian sobriety’: an expression that indicated that the very healthy lifestyle that she had begun to follow The music star was peppered with occasional (and moderate, according to her) alcohol and marijuana use .

After receiving endless criticism linked to the lack of effectiveness of this method, or the supposed ‘frivolity’ that some saw in her statements, Demi has publicly announced that she has now entered a period of absolute sobriety , since she has definitely left the drink and has not tried cannabis again.

” I no longer abide by Californian sobriety. I have realized that total sobriety is the only way, ” Demi Lovato has written in her Instagram stories; some words that have been highly applauded by his fans who have left messages of encouragement and support in comments.

Although she spoke about the subject in her documentary ‘Dancing with the Devil’, many of her followers still did not understand  how she could use marijuana after having suffered so much with drugs , but she seemed to have it very clear. “A one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work for everyone,” she said on ‘Dancing With The Devil’. “What I encourage people to do is make decisions for themselves. Autonomy, for me, is what changed my life. I recognize that my approach to healing is not for everyone.”

Although she explained how  this moderate consumption helped his addiction , his fans did not take well a photo she published a few months ago and in which the artist is seen using marijuana, and they left their opinion on Twitter criticizing his behavior. “Something about Demi Lovato sitting in Hawaii posting photos smoking weed while simultaneously trying to take down a small business for having options for diabetics doesn’t add up to me.” And a second said: “Isn’t Demi Lovato the one who lashes out at yogurt shops for promoting eating disorders with their diet products and then  glamorizes the use of weed to her 102 million followers on Instagram ? Everyone has the right to do what she wants but don’t be a hypocrite in the process. “

This all came after  Demi took her against a frozen yogurt shop for promoting eating disorders and body dysmorphia, in her opinion, having what she considered too many options for diet products . After those stories, she decided to qualify his words and explain that his intention was not to demonize the store but to make a reflection.

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