Dani Martin has been photographed with influencer Meriloves, with whom he appears to have started a relationship. The 44-year-old singer and the instagramer met thanks to María Pombo and her husband, Pablo Castellanos, with whom Dani Martin has a good friendship for a long time.

According to him at the LOS40 Nominees Dinner, Pablo and he are very good friends, hence they have been seen together on several occasions. “I have been a friend of Pablo since we are little. Well, since he’s little and I was a little bit younger. Yes, I love him and María, and Martín, who is a sun,” he declared.

Meriloves is 33 years old and has a degree in Law and Business. According to the magazine “Ten Minutes”, they’d been together for almost three months, time in which they have been seen dining in Madrid and enjoying a pleasant lunch with friends.

The artist recently reflected on love. “I want to find my life partner, because I love myself a lot and for everything I have to offer her “, he assured. “I hope they stop being dreams, I hope you notice me, I hope we meet. And if not, what life sends.” he added.

The singer has shared his life with different couples, like Patricia Conde, Blanca Suárez, Melissa Jiménez, Huga Rey or Begoña Martín, although “I have never reached one hundred percent coexistence because I have had a loneliness chosen by my fear of commitment “.

Now he could be excited again with Meriloves, whose real name is María Partida. The ‘influencer’ has more than 86,000 followers on Instagram. In 2018 she married footballer Pedro Mosquera and a year later they became parents to a girl named Gabriela. The couple decided to separate in 2020.

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