Cristina Porta and Luca Onestini banned on Telecinco?

Cristina Porta and Luca Onestini banned on Telecinco?

Cristina Porta, finalist of the first edition of ‘Secret Story’, and girlfriend of the winner, Luca Onestini, has exploded on social networks against the program that has made her famous.

The Catalan journalist cannot believe that the producer of the reality show not only has not counted on the couple to comment on the reality set in which both have been protagonists.

Against all odds, the production company has not had any of the former Vips contestants for its anonymous edition and has completely renewed the team of collaborators by signing Mario Vaquerizo The Bibiana Fernandez, among others.

Despite the campaign carried out by the fans of Cristina Porta in social networks to make her a collaborator of Telecinco, her pleas have not only been ignored by the leadership of the program, but now she discovers that new contestants have been instructed to avoid uttering the names of former celebrity contestants inside the house.

Luca Onestini’s girlfriend has exploded after hearing a comment from the twins Laila and Nissy about Luca and Cristina’s ‘false portfolio’, which made them the favorites of the audience and winners of the reality show.

Accustomed to receiving criticism has been a comment from another of the contestants, Colchero, the one who has unleashed his indignation, implying that it is forbidden to name them: “You cannot say those names” – the contestant reproached the twins, making them shut up.

After hearing this comment in the house and the criticism it has unleashed among her followers, who see it as a veto, Cristina Porta has published a tweet in which she shows her anger and disappointment with those responsible for the format.

“I am not going to speak about this lady’s opinion because the attitude of the sisters already seemed regrettable to me. But what ‘What can not those names say, the winner and the second runner-up of ‘Secret Story’? It is incredible that you treat us like this, as if we had to erase ourselves when we have left our skin,” she said without hiding the sadness that hearing this comment causes her.

Since the program, no one has echoed their words, nor to confirm or deny the alleged veto, and the controversy grows on Twitter: Is it true that ex-vips contestants have been banned from being named of reality in the new edition as Colchero implies?

But, while Cristina insinuates that there is a conspiracy against her, her boyfriend, Luca Onestini prefers not to enter into controversy with the chain that has made him and his brother stars.

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