Cristina Bucsa (Moldova, 1998), raised in Torrelavega (Cantabria) since she was three years old, has just taken a new big step in her career after returning from the WTA 125K in Andorra after winning in the doubles category with the Polish Weronika Falkowska, and be ranked 104 in the WTA ranking.

These days she takes a break from her continuous trips and competitions to return to her city to receive the 2022 Distinguished Student distinction from the Marqués de Santillana Institute, where she studied between 2010 and 2014 and where she is now the first individual athlete to receive this award. in the 75 years of the center.

In an interview with GLM, Bucsa assures that the tournament in Andorra has meant “a great step forward” in his career in a “very good” year at the sporting level, which is completed with the “great honor” that this tribute from his former institute, which reminds him of his teachers who instilled in him an education “thanks to which I have been able to develop personally and also in sport”.

Traveling almost continuously to train and compete -in the last month he has only been able to spend one day in Torrelavega-, he assures that the city is “his home” and “the best place to be” with his family and, as today, to be able to return to his old institute, visit the classrooms and talk with the director or with former students and teachers.

“If you believe in yourself and have motivation, you can achieve everything you set your mind to,” says the young professional tennis player since 2015, who in June 2019 won her first Grand Slam match by entering the last Wimbledon qualifier. beating the American promise Whitney Osuigwe.

“When a tournament starts, I don’t think about winning it because things may not work out for you, I prefer to go match by match and blow by blow”, he stands out as his working method, with which in 2021 he debuted at the United States Open after overcoming the qualifying phase.

This 2022 Cristina Bucsa has continued to progress by winning her first match in a final draw at the US Open, defeating the Slovenian Kaja Juvan in the first round, arriving these days of December at the end of the season at the WTA 125ks in Andorra.

She assures that she is “very happy” with the achievements achieved this year because she notes “great progress in her tennis”, because despite always saying that she has had high expectations “in recent months I have noticed great progress” in her game.

As her best qualities on the court, “the good reaction” she has to the blows of her rivals stands out, which leads her to surprise them and obtain good results, despite acknowledging that current tennis is very fast and with more and more players. strong, “so every day winning is harder.

That is why for 2023 he does not want to set challenges, because – he says – he prefers not to rush and go “day by day giving all the best” and if it comes out, fine, and if not, then to move on, because he considers that the important thing is ” have small and short-term goals, because if you make an effort every day the results come by themselves”.

For now, he assures that he wants to focus on improving his game to bring it closer to the level of his admired Caroline García (Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France), 1993), currently number 11 in the WTA, very similar in his tennis to the Cantabrian, which he would like to reach in the coming years.

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