Concern in the family of the remembered Antonio Molina for the health of the matriarch

Concern in the family of the remembered Antonio Molina for the health of the matriarch

Ángela Tejedor is the matriarch of the Molina family, the saga of artists led by the remembered, and unfortunately disappeared, Antonio Molina and perpetuated by their children, Angela, Miguel and Mónica.

Well, the last three, and the rest of the family, are quite concerned about the state of health of the woman who made the great Antonio so happy during decades of marriage.

They were married between 1951 and 1992. The singer died on March 18 of the same year in which the Olympics were held in Spain and left an impossible void in the heart of his troubled wife.

Now, Angela resides in Ibiza, where he recovers from some ailments typical of his advanced age. Her home is a refuge for her children, who have a true passion for their mother. There they meet every summer, children, Idota and great-grandchildren.

Precisely, Miguel was going to the island to spend a few days with her, when suffered the altercation with the security forces of the Ibiza airport. It seems that they put problems to enter and there was a strong discussion between both parties.

Miguel became nervous, because the official on duty was reluctant to allow him to pass. And the maternal situation worries him so much that he did not understand that, faced with a case like this, a problem would be generated, for him, incomprehensible.

The thing did not happen to majors and it was solved with a fine. Now, Miguel is in Murcia shooting a movie in which he plays a terrible bad guy. A new role in his long acting career.

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