He loses 72 kilos after an operation and shows the results on his social networks to the surprise of his followers

Surely if you have seen the show The Pawnshop you know exactly who Chumlee is: one of the workers in the business with long hair and goatee and who is more than strikingly overweight. Well, you have to know that this media employee has just lost 72 kilos of weight.

The 39-year-old Chumlee, whose real name is Austin Lee Russell, has come to weigh 160 kilos a couple of years ago. However, he has decided to put an end to his obesity and to do it radically. This has been revealed by the United States television channel TMZ.

And the fact is that the employee of The Pawnshop has undergone a surgical intervention that has made him lose about 72 kilos of weight at the moment . It is a gastric sleeve that would have left the now media dependent on about 86 kilograms of weight. And yes, with a much healthier appearance.

Chumlee underwent the procedure at the Blossom Bariatrics clinic in Las Vegas. And, yes, he has decided to keep his hair long and his goatee. He states that now that he has lost weight, he is committed to maintaining his weight by adopting a lifestyle change, eating healthier foods, and exercising regularly.


Chumlee, employee of ‘The Pawnshop’, before and after surgery

Many have been those who have been interested in knowing what the surgery that Chumlee has undergone consists of. The gastric sleeve consists of eliminating between 60 and 80% of the size of the stomach, leaving it in the shape of a tube or sleeve (hence its name). With this system, the patient feels satiated much earlier and therefore, eats much less, resulting in weight loss.

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