Christian Nodal: Mexican media assure that the singer suffers from a delicate disease

Christian Nodal: Mexican media assure that the singer suffers from a delicate disease

After his separation from Belinda in February of this year, the Mexican singer Christian Nodal He would have developed a venereal disease, according to a close friend of the singer, who said he was worried about the Mexican regional interpreter, who also continues with his alcohol problem.

This Tuesday, TV Notas magazine published an interview with a supposed friend of the singer of “We are not and will not be” and “Botella after bottle”, in which he talked about how the artist is after eight months of ending his relationship with the actress of ” Welcome to Eden” and how he is now with his current girlfriend Cazzu and her family, with whom there was allegedly a rift.

In the conversation with the entertainment magazine, the alleged person close to the interpreter recalled that after finishing with the singer of “Bella treason” the artist was seen with different young people before Cazzu, from escorts to influencers, “But he messed with as many women as he could”, so now it has consequences on his health, since he developed a sexually transmitted disease.

“Last April they detected herpes, because it was found as certain sores that alarmed him, he went to do studies and they detected this disease”Said the supposed acquaintance of Nodal, who also stressed that the new idol of the Mexican regional is in treatment and controlled, however, the doctor warned him that “it is a virus that can resurface; that having that in your body, at any moment it can sprout again”.

The source said that while he did go downhill after his breakup with Belinda, he is now “calmer” but still continues to drink heavily, as evidenced in Las Vegas. Although they have already warned him, he continues with the excesses and is also encouraged by his parents, because “they have this alcohol problem.”

“Right now he’s calmer, although he can’t give up alcohol and other substances for the world; but hey, we already explained it to him in a thousand ways and if he doesn’t understand, it will be his problem. He is no longer a child and just as he messed with every woman and contracted herpes, he also knows that alcohol can damage his voice, it will be his roll if he wants to end his career quickly “said the source.

“It is alcoholism, he has had this problem for many years and although he has often tried to be calm, he relapses and drinks more and more”highlighted the person close to the singer who assures that the family takes with him at parties and meetings, because he also has the same problem.

Likewise, Her relationship with her parents is no longer the same, especially with her mother Christy Nodal, with whom she has moved away and hardly influences her decisions as she used to.

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