Christian Gálvez and Patricia Pardo, in love hand in hand in Madrid

Christian Gálvez and Patricia Pardo, in love hand in hand in Madrid

Christian Gálvez and Patricia Pardo are the most sought after couple of the moment. Since they confirmed their romance, they have become the most wanted by the press. And it is not for less.

The presenter didn’t take a day to confirm live from ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, a space that she hosts while the veteran journalist is absent, her courtship with the former presenter of ‘Pasapalabra’ and he published a message on his social networks declaring his love for the morning journalist.

The couple no longer hides and they have been seen for the first time taking a romantic walk through the streets of Madrid. The lovers have enjoyed the capital holding hands without hiding their relationship in plain sight, happy for the moment so sweet sentimentally speaking that they are living.

Although they had not been seen together yet, since their relationship was confirmed, they have shown many signs of affection and love for each other through different means. Christian Gálvez dedicated some beautiful words to her from his radio program that left no one indifferent.

The one that is not having such a good time is Almudena Cid, the ex-wife of Christian Gálvez, with whom he spent 11 years. The news of their separation, just a couple of months ago, caught everyone off guard, since they formed one of the most established couples in the media sphere and no one imagined that they were going through a bad time.

When the separation was made official, many rumors arose about the real reason for the gymnast’s breakup with the presenter. The athlete, since then, has been going through a very complicated stage, since her ex-husband was not expected to rebuild her life in just a few weeks.

Almudena Cid has been very discreet throughout her breakup and has not wanted to give any statement to the press about what she thinks of Christian Gálvez’s new romantic relationship.

But her family does. The Olympian’s environment is very hurt and disgusted with the presenter for having done things this way and they point out that now they understand why he left Cid so suddenly.

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