Chiquis Rivera spoke with ‘La Mesa Caliente’ on her arrival in Mexico and the singer, in the midst of all the emotion with which her fans received her at the airport, confessed that she is thinking of remarrying and having children with her current boyfriend, the photographer Emilio Sánchez.

Chiquis maintained a marriage with Lorenzo Mendez, from whom she finally divorced in July after a long wait, and now the idea of ​​a wedding returns to her mind.

“I have a boyfriend who is seven years younger. I know that he wants to marry me, I know it, he has told me many times. He is waiting for me. I would love to get married, I believe a lot in marriage, I know I am a very good wife, it is a matter of time: right now we are both focused on our careers. Sometimes I think if I adopt, I don’t know,” Chiquis Rivera said before the cameras, wearing a black hat and her long, sharp red nails.

A few weeks ago it was rumored that Chiquis Rivera was already engaged to Emilio Sánchez, after a romantic dinner that they had outdoors and that the artist shared with great emotion on her Instagram account.

Days later, Chiquis was asked about this situation while she was in the company of her boyfriend. “I don’t know where they got that from. No, I’m not engaged, here I clarify,” said the interpreter amid much laughter, while Sánchez was asked where the engagement ring was.

This is not the first time that Chiquis Rivera has thought about marriage and children since she has been with Emilio Sánchez. Almost a year ago, on her podcast, she said:

“Many people ask me: are you going to get married again? Do you still believe in love? Is Emilio the candidate? I get asked that question all the time and right now he’s the candidate. Right now I wouldn’t mind getting married again. He has honestly made me think about having children more than he had my whole life.”

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