Chiquis Rivera shone on social networks with a very revealing outfit and that made her look more than attractive, showing off her new figure.

Janney Marin Rivera chose a kind of skin-colored swimsuit with a pronounced neckline, an outfit that she complemented with a net of the same color and some crystals that highlighted her figure; she accessorized all of this with some gold-tone accessories.

The American songwriter and singer looked the most radiant with a very elegant and natural makeup and her hair in a half tail that made her look spectacular.

Chiquis Rivera used a plain background to highlight her figure and beauty to the fullest, posing from the front with a flirtatious look and bringing her hands to her belly; It is more than clear that she is the owner of a new and spectacular figure.

The followers of Jenni Rivera’s daughter enjoyed the photograph so much that they took it up again to circulate on social networks and reach a greater number of people.

Lorenzo Méndez’s ex is undoubtedly in one of her best moments, she can be seen happy and radiant in love and quite thin, let’s remember that being a curvy beauty is what has characterized the career of this beautiful woman and her mother.

Although she receives comments of all kinds, the beautiful Chiquis Rivera never stops continuing full of projects and dreams, always moving forward and breaking the stereotypes that try to prevent her from doing something.

Despite her work and everything else, this beautiful woman is always surrounded by scandals, due to being part of one of the most famous families in show business and a woman who became a legend of the Mexican regional genre.

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