Looking like a queen, Chiquis Rivera is presumed in a tight dress

Chiquis Rivera looks empowered in stunning tight dress

As a “queen bee” we are in the birthday month of the businesswoman and singer Chiquis Rivera, so she wanted to highlight all her attributes by looking empowered in a stunning tight dress that perfectly highlighted her curvaceous figure.

June 26 is the special day of the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera However, the still 36-year-old singer decides that she wants to “throw the house out the window”, so one day is not enough, she takes the whole month to celebrate, calling it the “Bee-month” referring to to the bees, since his most recent musical project is called “Queen bee”.

A beautiful photo session to portray her beauty and announce the new bundle she launched in honor of her birthday, where she left her followers breathless as she radiated an enormous beauty, in a tight dress worthy of a queen, she even added a ostentatious crown to have the complete attire of someone from the performs.

Two impressive dresses are the ones that I would be wearing Chiquis Rivera the first being a short garment that fit perfectly to her waist as well as her pronounced charms making her look incredible, her long hair in pronounced waves falling down the sides.

While the second outfit would be a long dress with fringes, the strips would be white on the skirt, long sleeves on the top and elegant ornaments like pearls on the top, posing from its best angles it was shown in the product promotion video.

Chiquis Rivera looks empowered in a stunning tight dress
Chiquis Rivera looks empowered in a stunning tight dress

“Queen Bee Bundle” is the new launch of the businesswoman, which is made up of her physical album with her signature on it, a new palette of shadows, with 6 shades in total, a duo lipstick, a color part, and a gloss on the other, her iconic perfume”Reina”, an access to a masterclass that will be offered by the interpreter of “The honor”, all this at the price of $82 dollars.

In the post, she informs her more than five million followers that they can already pre-order the bundle, however, in the video clip the celebrity does not appear alone, but next to her partner, Judi Castro together they own the brand of makeup, beauty items and skin care products Be Flawless.

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