An investigation for “rape” and “pimping” has been opened against the pornographic site Jacquie et Michel. A total of five people are in custody.
The owner of the pornographic site “Jacquie et Michel”, Michel Piron, and four other people were placed in police custody Tuesday morning in an investigation opened in Paris for “rape” and “pimping”, confirmed the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Michel Piron and his wife “were placed in police custody this morning as part of a preliminary investigation” opened in July 2020 “for alleged acts of pimping, complicity in rape and complicity in sexual assault between 2009 and 2015” , announced the lawyer of the group Ares, holder of the site, Me Nicolas Cellupica.

In July 2020, the Paris prosecutor’s office had opened a preliminary investigation after a report made by several feminist associations, Les Effrontées, Osez le féminisme and Le Nid, reporting testimonies from actresses who had suffered sexual violence during the shooting of films broadcast. on the famous porn platform.

The investigations were entrusted to the 3rd district of the Paris judicial police.

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