Chayanne assured that the success of Bad Bunny is his great team. This is how the singer expressed it in an interview he gave to Karla Martínez for ‘Despierta América’.

In full promotion of ‘Tú and Yo’, the Puerto Rican singer made a media tour among which ‘Despierta América’ participated.

Chayanne talked to Karla Martínez about everything, his family, his career, the launch of his daughter Isadora as a singer and they even remembered the moment when he danced the 15-year-old waltz with the presenter.

Among so many topics Karla asked him what he thought of the phenomenon that his compatriot Bad Bunny has become. With the diplomacy and sweetness that characterizes him, he said the following:

He is a phenomenon, I am happy for him, for his success, but behind the success and what is seen now, there is a lot of work and there is a team of people working and I also have my team and it is fantastic, there is an incredible energy.”

They also talked about the future and his life when he becomes a grandpa, would you leave the stage?

I see myself in music, it is what I have done all my life, as long as I feel that I can move on stage, continue contributing. I see myself as an accomplice as a grandfather, I see myself playing with them, eating and listening it is a continuity of what one has done with the children.”

And as we told you at the beginning, he talked about the singing career of his daughter, Isadora, who turns 22 in December, of which he said the following:

“At the age of 6, she made her first composition, she has dedicated herself to music all her life and studied music, editorial, song, piano, she has always had my support, I told her for the first time“, he assured.

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