Who is Charylie Alvarado, Santiago Matias’ wife?

Charylie Alvarado, better known as La Chary and recognized as the wife of Santiago Matias, was born in Boston, USA. Her story intertwines with that of Santiago Matias through an encounter on the Instagram platform, marking the beginning of a unique personal and professional collaboration.

The Pillar of Alofoke Radio Show and wife of Santiago Matias.

Currently, Charylie is the CEO of Alofoke Radio Show, performing this role alongside Santiago Matias. Her editing skills and ability to coordinate meetings with the networks are key aspects of her contribution to the show’s success.

Charylie Alvarado Charylie Alvarado

Compression: The Foundation of a Strong Relationship

Opting for a more private life, Charylie understands that fame is not for everyone and seeks to maintain peace in her home, especially given her husband’s notoriety. For her, understanding is the backbone of her relationship with Santiago Matías.

Behind the Scenes: Collaboration and Unconditional Support

In addition to her public role, Charylie works closely with Santiago Matias in behind-the-scenes work. Not only did she teach Santiago Matias how to edit, but she also plays a vital role in coordinating meetings with the networks.

Family Life and Challenges

Charylie shares the difficulty of being away from her family in the U.S., highlighting the value of maintaining strong family ties despite the distances.

Moments of Difficulty and Overcoming

Throughout their relationship, Charylie and Santiago Matias have faced challenges, including rumors and difficult moments. They have publicly shared the loss of a child at 9 weeks gestation, demonstrating their courage and determination to share personal experiences.

Friendship and Support

Charylie considers Alexandra MVP to be her only close friend, emphasizing the importance of friendship in her life.

Resilience and Commitment.

Despite a separation in 2016, Charylie made the decision to return of her own free will, demonstrating her commitment to the relationship and her desire to overcome challenges.

Santiago Matias’ Integrity Advocacy.

Charylie has defended the integrity of Santiago Matias’ work, denying accusations about the origin of his money and emphasizing his dedication and effort in his work.

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