Jimmy Butler and Shakira were linked to an alleged relationship a few months ago, after the Colombian moved to Miami and was spotted dating the Miami Heat star.

It all started in the NBA Playoffs 2023, when Shakira became the Miami Heat’s love interest and several media outlets in the United States pointed out that a spark with Jimmy Butler would have arisen.

However, Jimmy Butler spoke in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine about the only reason that unites him with Shakira since a couple of months ago. He also stressed that she is a great person and that there is just a great friendship between the two.

“She’s an amazing human being and incredibly talented,” Butler said. “They just make stuff up because we’re just friends. Just because people hang out doesn’t mean they’re a couple. But it gives everyone something to talk about, so take it and move on.”

On the other hand, the Miami Heat player also talked about Shakira’s sons, Sasha and Milan: “They’re huge fans.”

After this statement from Jimmy Butler, everything indicates that he only maintains a good friendship with Shakira, who is living a most productive and active year, both professionally and personally.

Shakira and Jimmy Butler: The outings that sparked romance rumors

Shakira became the Miami Heat’s love interest during the NBA Playoffs and several media outlets in the United States began with the rumor that a romance with Jimmy Butler would have emerged.

Both started following each other on Instagram and then Shakira left a surprising acrostic that could have been a sign for Jimmy Butler.

Through her Instagram stories, Shakira left a hidden message after the Heat’s passage to the NBA Finals and has done so in the form of an acrostic, forming the terms: “Heroic (heroic), Extraordinary (extraordinary), Awesome (awesome) and Team (team)”,

Those words precisely make up the Heat’s name, but it can be said that Shakira would be praising Jimmy Butler, who was named the MVP of the East Finals.

Afterwards, Shakira and Jimmy Butler were spotted together at a dinner in London, which again sparked rumors of a possible romance between them.

According to a DailyMail report, Shakira and Jimmy Butler arrived separately at Novikov restaurant, a celebrity hangout in London, shortly after 10 p.m. Wednesday night.

The two sat together at a table; they dined on sushi and sipped cocktails for more than three hours.

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