Carlos Sarriá, known on social media as Charlie, has died of cancer at just 20 years old. The young man, a native of Alicante, was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in 2018 and it was during his hospital admissions that he decided to open a channel on TikTok to talk about his illness. From this platform he has also said goodbye to all his followers. He has done it with a video that reflects the great sense of humor that he had and the following words. “Goodbye, see you in the afterlife. Thank you for everything, you have made me very happy.” In addition, he has remembered what his philosophy of life was. “My motto is Hakuna Matata, live and let live. There is no more, it is like that. I am fine as I am. I have nothing to ask for, even if I have what I have, I consider myself a happy person and grateful for what I have. I do not ask too much”.

Charlie has chosen the song A summer without you, by Bad Bunny, for his latest publication, which has been filled with messages of condolence, since the young man had thousands of fans. The most emotional goodbye has been that of his girlfriend, who has wanted to remember how his brief, but intense relationship has been. “This was our first photo. I was going to work and before the doors of the train closed I thought: ‘My God, this boy is never going to write to me again’. It was the first time we met and that night We already slept together…nothing happened, I know you and you like to think badly. The doors were closed and I already had a message. I breathed. My goodness, I was totally caught but I didn’t want to admit it! I’m always being a tough girl” , she has written.

The couple has lived with Charlie’s illness, because six months after dating the ‘influencer’ had a relapse and the pandemic physically separated them for a while. “Unfortunately death has always been a very present thought in our relationship and I was clear that that was the only thing that was going to separate us. Unfortunately it had to be too soon but I couldn’t be more grateful that life put you in my path. Thank you for teaching me what love is, I hope others are lucky enough to have a fifth of what we had. Thank you for never judging me, for staying and trusting me. Thank you for not closing yourself off and letting me be part of your way. Just thank you. I’m going to miss you a lot. I love you, Barripie”

In his latest TikTok videos, Charlie appeared in his hospital room. On August 1, he assured that he had “an incredibly big stomach ache.” A week later, he explained to his followers that he had been given morphine. Now they all mourn his death, like the ‘tik toker’ Alan ‘The Wheels’. “Here with the strongest person I’ve ever met, capable of transmitting light and joy with a lot of shit behind you. You’ll always be there. Rest in Peace, my boy,” published the young man from Vallecas who was left behind by an accident in the gym. wheelchair bound.

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