• Celia Lora set fire to posing on her back with a black lace bodysuit, while model Verónica Flores did her own thing with an animal print lingerie set that left her exuberant curves on display

Celia Lora once again fell in love with her social media fans, with whom she shared a daring photograph in which she turned her back on the camera to show off her voluptuous charms while wearing seductive lingerie with another beautiful model. .

The Mexican influencer has been known for shamelessly showing off her body, especially on the pages of Playboy magazine, but thanks to her beauty and irreverent personality, she was also invited to participate in some reality shows such as ‘Acapulco Shore’, ‘La Isla’ and ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, the latter being where she gave a lot to talk about due to her intense fights with Alicia Machado and Pablo Montero.

But after her controversial departure, the 38-year-old model decided to return to what has given her the most recognition and that is precisely posing with the minimum of clothes or tiny lingerie sets that leave very little to the imagination. That is why she continuously shares through her official Instagram profile heated images that test censorship.

The foregoing was verified by her 10.3 million followers, before whom Celia Lora set fire to posing with a sensual black lace bodysuit, while the model Verónica Flores, who accompanied her on this occasion, did the same with a set of animal print intimate garments that exposed their exuberant beauties.

And it is that, on this occasion, the Mexican playmate was daring, slightly turning her back to the camera to show her voluptuous rearguard, with which she managed to captivate more than 45 thousand admirers who reacted with a red heart.

A similar image was the one they shared days ago, where this couple of models dazzled with their shapely attributes, although showing another angle of their silhouettes.

While, as part of the same photo session held in Mexico City, Celia Lora dropped a part of her revealing lingerie garment to squander sensuality to the fullest, a gesture that her fans again appreciated in the comments section, where neither could miss the daring proposals.

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