They collaborate, Celia Lora and Michelson look beautiful in yellow embroidery

Celia Lora and Michelson look beautiful in yellow embroidery

The collaborations of the beautiful mexican modelCelia Lora, and the Chilean, Ignatius Michaelsonare one of the best received by Internet users, who cannot wait to observe the meetings once again in front of the camera, this time the two wearing a yellow embroidered outfit that made their beauties shine to the fullest.

The beautiful and famous daughter of Alex Lora vocalist of the legendary rock band El Tri, was once again in the photo studio with her former Reality Show partner, Acapulco Shore, demonstrating that their union is strength, posing in different positions and in different snapshots that they shared with through their social networks as a small advance.

And it is that they both have accounts of pages only for fans, where they really only put their best content together, modeling and demonstrating its great quality, but above all its commitment to subscribers.

They are always thinking about what those who come to pay the subscription would love to see, since they are investing and above all supporting them financially, something that is easy to say but that not everyone has done, for which they want to thank them for entertainment.

Both Influencers They placed their most flirtatious and conquering look to keep the attention of the public and perhaps convince all those who still do not access their paid content, an excellent opportunity to invite them and what a way to do it.

Celia Lora
Celia Lora

Celia Lora has exceeded the limits and expectations of many people who did not imagine that she would go so far, even now she is considered one of the Mexican models with the best income, the first to participate in a cover for the rabbit magazine in the United States. Joined.

The Chilean, for her part, is also celebrating that she participated in the cover for Mexico, a place where she had an excellent reception, all Mexicans support her content and are also willing to continue enjoying it on their cell phone or computer screen.

To finish, it only remains to invite you to keep a close eye on Show News so that you can enjoy everything interesting about these famous creators, their companions and also so that you are aware of the best news in the world of entertainment, entertainment and more.

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