The beautiful mexican model Celia Lora

She worked hard to continue creating the most beautiful and attractive content for Internet users of work social networks, this time presenting us with a new very elegant black and white session.

The famous daughter of Alex Lora vocalist of the legendary rock band El Tri, shared with us a beautiful outfit designed exactly to raise the temperature of the people who come to observe it, either for this photo shoot or as it is normally used in the comfort of home, a perfect proposal to spice up moments as a couple.

The entertainment piece was made up of two photos, in both we were able to observe the best angles of the Mexican, an Influencer who has managed to break through in the modeling industry in a way she never imagined, since she was very young she dreamed of appearing in magazines and now it has succeeded and has become one of the most important in its country.

We can see the great experience he has, looking directly at the camera applying that conquering look, she managed to attract a large number of likes, tens of thousands of people who accumulated to also leave a comment where they write their best compliments and compliments, of show your support.

Her way of showing off her figure and her most hidden tattoos is one of the favorite things of her fans, who of course know that the best snapshots of him are on her “fans only” page, where for one monthly subscription you can access their best content ever made, totally dedicated to those who pay that subscription.

Celia Lora shares her new elegant black and white photo shoots.

Celia Lora shares her new elegant black and white photo shoots.

Celia Lora was participating with the bunny magazine, celebrating her tenth anniversary of collaborating with that important brand and also being one of the few printed copies that exist of the magazine today, since it has been handled digitally for years.

She will be the first Mexican model to get a cover for the United States version, an excellent opportunity to show all her talent, but above all also to earn a good amount of money for it, when celebrating her 10-year contract, the payment has been more how juicy.

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