They said ‘yes, I do’ on Nov 6, 2015

Eva González and Cayetano Rivera have a double celebration. Yesterday, November 5, the presenter of ‘La Voz’ reached 41 years old and received congratulations from many friends and loved ones, who wanted to dedicate a few words of affection to her through their social networks.

The one who did not do so was her husband, although most likely he reserved his displays of affection for intimacy. The marriage celebrations have lasted until today, which marks 6 years since they said ‘yes, I want’ in Mairena de Alcor, the bride’s homeland, thus consolidating a relationship that began in 2009.

Although today their love seems unbreakable, the truth is that the couple passed for different ups and downs that they put their marriage to the test. The most complicated was undoubtedly the one that came from the hand of Karelys, that Canarian lawyer who appeared on the cover of the magazine ‘Semana’ with Cayetano Rivera while they enjoyed a walk through the streets of London.

Although the images seemed most innocent, the information that came from some media and, later, from the young woman herself, assured that between the bullfighter and her there had been a relationship behind the back of Eva González.

Those closest to the marriage then slipped that they went through their lowest hours and that they were about to end their relationship. However, good feelings made their way and the couple managed to overcome that difficult bump.

Now, their foundations seem even stronger than before, and while the two are as tight as ever, neither of them skimp on shows of affection towards their partner through social networks.

You deserve everything that happens to you. We are very proud of you“, wrote bullfighter just a few days ago with an image of Eva González, to celebrate the good audience data of ‘La Voz’. “I love you,” she replied to Cayetano Rivera.

Thus, the balance seems quite positive: twelve years of love, six of marriage and a child in common that has become the most important pillar of their lives, the one by which they will always be united no matter what happens.

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