Meet the ranch in Florida where Carolina Sandoval celebrated the birthday of her youngest daughter

Sandoval and her team rented Duni’s Farm in Homestead, Florida, to host the big event.

Presenter Carolina Sandoval celebrated this weekend her daughter Amalia Victoria’s seventh birthday.

Venezuelan presenter Carolina Sandoval celebrated her daughter Amalia Victoria’s seventh birthday this weekend and for the party decorations the team was inspired by ‘Tangled’, the 2010 Disney movie.

The party planner was Cool Corner Events and decorations were provided by Balloons Bymorales, both Florida-based companies that have catered parties for other Latino stars.

Throughout the day Amalia Victoria and her guests were able to enjoy multiple outdoor recreational activities, from playing with the movie characters to hitting the traditional piñata. They were also offered a variety of candy and other foods.

Dunis’s Farm describes itself as the best party venue in Florida. Its spaces have been rented for years, so each space has what it takes for every type of celebration, theme and more.

It has extensive green areas for children to run around safely and to set up attractions without a problem. There are also manicured walkways, barns, parking and other structures. It seems that each roofed structure is different, with the larger ones including kitchens and tables for comfort.

There is also a zoo area where visitors can be in contact with different farm animals, which becomes another attraction during the festival.

On social media, Sandoval also implied that she didn’t make this party just for her daughter but also for the other children. She wrote on Instagram: “I never talk much about these issues, but every time I share with my daughters’ friends at parties, I can’t be indifferent to what a certain part of this society wants to do with childhood. I love to see children grow up as children. Having fun as children, with children’s things. Children have to be children and I will definitely never accept that children want to take away their innocence, tenderness and naivety for new eccentric fashions”.

This text was accompanied by a video where the little birthday girl and her classmates can be seen dancing and enjoying a show by Rapunzel herself.

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