Carolina Cruz talks about Salvador's health status and her relationship with Lincoln Palomeque

Carolina Cruz talks about Salvador’s health status and her relationship with Lincoln Palomeque

Carolina Cruz is one of the most famous presenters and models in Colombia, the more than 20 years of career of the Valle del Cauca have positioned her as one of the famous not only the most beautiful, but also one of the most loved by Colombians.

Since Cruz became a mother, this has also been a great factor for women, especially with the illness of her son Salvador.

However, like any public figure, women have also been involved in the gossip about her alleged separation with the actor Lincoln Palomeque, the father of her two children. Although this issue has not yet been mentioned by either of the two celebrities, the truth is that for several months they have not been seen together.

In the last hours, Cruz decided to answer some questions on her Instagram stories, a network in which she has more than 6 million followers.

In the midst of this activity, the woman spoke of the current state of health of Salvador, also that of Matías, and referred to some of the gossip that are commenting on her relationship with the actor.

In the first step, the woman spoke about how well the foundation that I create in honor of her second son ‘Salvador de Sueños’ is doing, in which it seeks to support families with children who suffer from diseases like those of Salvador, who was born with torticollis, but they do not have the resources for their treatments.

She pointed out that they are receiving many donations and each time they manage to help more people.

An Internet user asked her about the consequences that the disease has left to Salvador in the middle of her recovery and Cruz responded that “thank God none, I think more consent than normal, but nothing else,” stressed the presenter.

On the other hand, the woman revealed that it is not long before the christening of her youngest child takes place. “Almost now, we are counting down, we are about 10 days away,” replied the woman, anticipating that, very soon, social networks will see the images in which Cruz and Palomeque are expected to be with their children.

They also asked her if after the birth of her second child she had any surgery, to which the presenter replied “surgery for what? Since Salva was born, I have been aware of his health, it is all that I have in mind, I have not thought of any surgery”.

In addition, she expressed that although many believe that she is a very strong woman when facing her son’s illness in this way, apparently without the father’s company, she stressed that not everything has been easy.

“Do not believe, I have had very hard days of destroying myself and crying, they have been many. But I have taken refuge in God, I have taken refuge in the rosary and in intact faith,” she said, emphasizing her beliefs.

Carolina Cruz’s reaction to gossip about her relationship with Lincoln Palomeque

The Valle del Cauca presenter also answered some questions about the rumors that, day by day, are formed on social networks about her personal life and as a couple. A person asked “is it true that you are going to settle in the United States?”

Surprised by the question, Carolina Cruz pointed out that “you can’t be believing everything they say or everything you see out there, stacks. That is completely false, like the vast majority of things”.

There were two other questions that Cruz answered without words, but his face said it all. The first was that if she was not bored by gossip about her life, her children, Lincoln Palomeque and others, to which the presenter raised her shoulders and hands, implying that it is not something she can control.

The last one was the answer that caused the most reactions. “Who is Salvador’s father?” asked one of the woman’s followers; Carolina Cruz simply opened her eyes and put her hand to her face. At the end of the day he referred to this and said that “these kinds of statements, from some time now, make me laugh a lot.”

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