Carmen Salinas: why did Chabelo become a trend after the death of 'Carmelita'?

Carmen Salinas: why did Chabelo become a trend after the death of ‘Carmelita’?

The death of Carmen Salinas has been news that has moved all of Mexico, the actress died at 82 years of age after being hospitalized for almost a month due to a stroke while she was at home, the doctors diagnosed her that the actress had had a hemorrhage and she went into a coma.

Despite the fact that she was in intensive care and that in her last days she showed an improvement, unfortunately, the actress passed away on Thursday night.


After the death of the actress, many famous people spoke to give her the last goodbye, one of them was Xavier Lopez, better known as ‘Chabelo’, who became a trend because many of his fans indicate that the driver is an ‘immortal being’, as he has seen many of his colleagues from the same generation leave for the other world.

The memes did not wait, and in social networks you can already find many images in which you can see how netizens confirm that Chabelo is still in the competition, so much so that in fact there is a Twitter account by name “Chabelo lived longer than”.


In social networks a photo has become viral showing the actors in their youth, the image shows both celebrities on top of a motorcycle and, according to the actress herself, it is a scene from the play “Don Juan Tenorio”.

“Look when DON JUAN TENORIO was doing with the Great Actor Chabelo we went out on a motorcycle apart from the dialogues that we had that the public Alegría loved. What memories!!! CS.” Carmen Salinas wrote through her official Twitter account on March 19 of this year, moving thousands of followers.

Carmen Salinas with Xavier Lopez, better known as 'Chabelo'.
Carmen Salinas with Xavier Lopez, better known as ‘Chabelo’.

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