Carmen Salinas and Marcela Basteri: this was the actress's friendship with Luis Miguel's mother

Carmen Salinas and Marcela Basteri: this was the actress’s friendship with Luis Miguel’s mother

The Mexican actress Carmen Salinas is in very delicate health. According to her relatives, the interpreter is in a coma and has been hospitalized for more than a week after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

In recent days, it has been reviewed by the acting career of Salinas and also by the friendships she has had with other famous personalities. A detail that not many knew is the friendship she had with Marcela Basteri, Luis Miguel’s missing mother.

The actress maintained a close friendship with Luisito Rey and Marcela Basteri between the 1970s and 1980s. In addition, during that period of time, she also had the opportunity to live with Luis Miguel.

These revelations are not new, the actress told this passage of her life in 2018 when the first season of “Luis Miguel, the series” was released, a fiction that recently premiered its third and final season on Netflix. In this autobiographical series, the life and entire career of the “Sol de México” is narrated.

Salinas’s relationship with Luis Miguel’s family

“I met Luis Miguel when I was little, he lived at Luis Moya 89, Suárez Ojeda and I went to have breakfast there at Luisito Rey’s house, at Luis Miguel’s house. I used to live around the corner, in the City Hall, I came to invite them to eat at that house”, she added in an interview picked up by the Las Estrellas channel.

The actress also indicated that she did not remember a Luis Rey as harsh as he posed in the first season of the Netflix series. But then she explained that with friends anyone is polite and respectful. “I scolded him as I believe all parents scold their children. Do not fall, do not do this, normal as it is a scolding,” she added.


About Marcela Basteri, she said that she was a kind and beautiful woman who was aware of her children, whom she says she always brought “very neat”.

Sometimes I would go with Mrs. Basteri to have breakfast, she would say to me: ‘Come and have breakfast here with me’ and we would meet there at City Hall for breakfast. She was very nice, very attentive, I think she had her friction with her husband as everyone else does.” She assured.

Finally, she said that among her things she had kept a recording with Luis Miguel and Lola Beltrán, with whom on one occasion La Malagueña sang. “Hopefully you will find the recording of a program where we are with Lola Beltrán, Luis Miguel chiquito and I singing La Malagueña, doing a falsetto”, she concluded.

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