Carmen Lomana is one of those who believe, like Oscar Wilde, that frivolity is a close relative of bubbly humor. In the country of the tacky and contagious bottle, she could be Dom Pérignon’s bubble, not Freixenet. It is fun, but it also has its investigative streak: now it has discovered that the secret of pressure is not in the mass (brain), but in the super glue, powerful glue. He has confessed in an interview: «Pedro Sanchez It has charm, but it lies a lot. It has been glued to the chair with super glue ». What a politician is not, but the glue He uses must be level 3, at least. In other words, Lomana sees him as “hot president” as a Bostonian widow, but at the same time as unfaithful as the protagonist of that Turkish soap opera that is sweeping.

I don’t know if Carmen has a fan club like Yolanda Diaz, where they follow the vice with red passion, all dressed in white and singing songs to the most pure acolyte of Marx, but if I did, I would come over to see if we could meet for a gin and tonic. I think I remember that a while ago he approached Pablo Iglesias, perhaps with the zoological curiosity of one who wants to feel closely the last or penultimate representative of the degenerate and vicious species of capitalism on the way to extinction that, as Tamara FalcoIt is also on TV. Or maybe it was she who wanted to meet the alpha male of the rojerío to see if they really want to guillotine the rich at tea time.

Now, Pablo collaborates in RAC1 and Ser. Also in “Gara” and “Ara”, independence newspapers. In post-war times, when a woman did outside work, our mothers said that she “sews out.” Viperian tongues suspect that the former vice-third and shadow leader darns, embroiders, takes stitches in the middle and even makes bobbin lace for the Government as a kind of infiltrator among the radical nationalist hosts (disguised as Otegi in the afternoon and Laura Borràs in the morning) to bring them closer to the Monclovita garden and secure their votes. They do not believe the critical journalism and point to a new version of Mortadelo and Filemón. Lavish.

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