Carmen Janeiro and Luis Masaveu raise the price of their house in Marbella from four to five and a half million

Carmen Janeiro and Luis Masaveu raise the price of their house in Marbella from four to five and a half million

Despite the secrecy surrounding the relationship between Carmen Janeiro, Jesulina for the nostalgic, and the wealthy Asturian businessman Luis Masaveu, they have not been able to resist. The couple, as other celebrities did, have turned to the popular Idealista real estate portal to sell their home located in the Sierra Blanca urbanization, in one of the most sought-after hills in Marbella.

The house, which in 2020 was offered at 4 million, has faced 2021 with an increase to 5.5 million euros. Carmen Janeiro has been sharing her discreet new life for eight years between the capital of the Costa del Sol and her native Ubrique. Now that the couple plans to move to Portugal, they have decided to sell the mansion and thus close their chapter with Malaga.

But why are they going to the neighboring country, where other Spanish celebrities such as Carmen Martínez-Bordiú have also taken refuge? Are you looking for the tax advantages offered by Portuguese lands? The truth is that the Masaveu make up one of the great fortunes of Spain. Corporación Masaveu is a business group with 1,533 employees and an international presence in eight countries, one of them, Portugal, where since March 2013 they have participated in the electricity company Energías de Portugal SA The family is also developing two photovoltaic projects there. The group is also involved in EGEO, a holding company dedicated to waste management, not to mention the strength of this surname within Liberbank. We do not know exactly in which business branch Luis Masaveu will be employed, but his presence there is justified.

Without any money problems, they have nonetheless decided to raise the price of the house, making it clear that they are in no rush to sell. The house is called Villa Asturias in honor of the homeland of Masaveu. It has 800 useful square meters located on 2,000 square meters of plot. It is not one of the largest in the area, but it is one of the ones with the best views. It has five bedrooms, as many bathrooms, a swimming pool and a lawn, but – warns the couple – it has no heating. Of course, the pool is heated. Carmen has decided not to take advantage of any of the furniture for her new Portuguese life.

Therefore, this house is offered fully furnished. Black and white checkerboard is predominant, and the master bedroom bed with its metallic four poster and black curtains stands out. Something that they define as “contemporary style with classic nods.” The house has two whitewashed heights. On the ground floor there are two huge living rooms with a variety of leather and velvet sofa sets that surround the tables on marble floors, one of the star materials of the house.

The property has easy access to the main road of the urbanization that leads to the center of Marbella. It is also very close to Starlite, the quarry where the most important VIP festival on the Costa del Sol is held. Another nearby location is Puerto Banús, something fundamental for the couple, since they have been seen on numerous occasions leaving the mooring of your yacht.

With his mother to Portugal

Not only have they lived in this mansion, so has their mother, Carmen Bazán, who since the death of her husband, Humberto Janeiro, has not been on the Ambiciones estate, which gave so many media joys in the 90s. People close to the The family details that the matriarch may even be considering going to live in Portugal with her daughter. On this issue and others that concern the new war between the current woman from Jesulín, María José Campanario, and Belén Esteban, there is a deathly silence in the family.

It seems that both Bazán and his son Víctor have joined the discretion that Carmen has been cultivating, who has lived on the fringes of the cuore since 2014. Today she has found in yoga not only the relief for her physical ills, but also for the emotional ones. He currently teaches classes in different disciplines and it is to be hoped that he will continue with this activity in Portugal, which keeps it “very alive.”

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