The couple Karina Banda and Carlos Ponce shared a taste of their visit to Texas Children’s Hospital. Here are the details

Host Karina Banda and her husband Carlos Ponce joined Amaury Nolasco and the Correa Family Foundation and Misión Alivio’s effort to bring hope to children at Texas Children’s Hospital. Read the details here!

In a tender encounter with the little ones, the happy couple took part in this initiative that seeks to give an unforgettable moment to the patients of Texas Children’s Hospital. According to Dr. Ricky Flores, specialist in Pediatric Oncology, Clinical Director and president of the Correa Family Foundation, meeting celebrities and athletes they admire has a positive effect on the lives of patients.

It was through Instagram that some images came to light that immortalized the visit to the hospital, giving a taste of the smiles and moments that Karina Banda, Carlos Ponce and Amaury Nolasco shared with the little ones.

For his part, baseball player Carlos Correa of the Minnesota Twins, who is the founder of this non-profit organization, said he was more than happy to continue supporting cancer patients and their families.

“My family and I started visiting these little heroes who fight daily against cancer to change their lives, but in the end they ended up changing ours,” said the Puerto Rican.

It should be noted that this is not the only charity event the couple attended, as they were present at a Houston Astros baseball game with several patients. They were also seen taking part in a fundraising dinner for Misión Alivio and Correa Family Foundation at BCN Taste & Tradition restaurant. As a result of their work together they were able to raise $50,000 dollars.

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