Carla Vigo surprises her followers by talking about the death of her mother, Érika Ortiz

Carla Vigo surprises her followers by talking about the death of her mother, Érika Ortiz

Doña Letizia’s niece has opened her heart to her almost 30,000 followers on Instagram

The young promise of interpretation has undergone a ‘Q&A’, a questionnaire by her followers which she has called “Round of random questions”, where she has opened her heart and has surprised her almost 30,000 ‘followers’ with some sincere confessions, as is the case with the death of her mother, Érika Ortiz, her sexuality or her imminent plans for this Christmas.

On Feb 7 of 2007, her life changed forever, when at just six years old, Érika Ortiz decided to take her own life in her apartment in Madrid. A theme that Carla Vigo has dealt with her followers, whom she has confessed that although she does not forget her, she has “very few” memories, “unfortunately”.

And she has revealed that the death of a mother “it is not overcome, and less in the way that happened to me. You learn to live with it and it takes a long time”.

The young woman, who considers herself “too good”, has also responded to those who have asked if her aunt, Doña Letizia, helps her financially: “No the truth. The money I have I earn”. Carla confesses that she has not felt “unconcern” on the part of her maternal family either.

“When did you know you were bi?” her followers ask her, to which the actress responds very sincerely: “It’s something you feel, that you don’t have to experience anything, you just know it and that’s it.” And, as he confesses, her family respects his sexuality.

Carla Vigo has not responded if she will see her cousins, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, this Christmas; but it does reveal that she will spend these special dates with family and friends.

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