Belinda has come sweeping Spain with multiple projects, in a recent postcard, she appears in a pink blouse with which she showed a little more than her neck, in which she wore a pendant with great meaning.

The singer Belinda has now undertaken projects from her native country, now the “naturalized mexican” Shows an accessory from one of the brands for which she is an ambassador.

the bears for Belinda they have a very special meaning and especially that of a Spanish firm from which she wore a pendant with a small teddy hanging from her neck and that adorned one of the sessions of the remembered “child actress”, who made her debut on the small screen in Mexico. at ten years old.

My bear with a Mexican heart….I love this #cachitomio collection with this limited edition teddy thought of my Mexico that I love so much!!! Get to know him at @Tousjwelry, reads the message that accompanies this publication.

Belinda opens her blouse and with a tender charm she conquers everyone
Belinda opens her blouse and with a tender charm she conquers everyone

The interpreter of songs like “Beautiful betrayal”, “Light without gravity”, and recently, “Lies, cabr*n”, models the camera with a certain discretion with a natural look, leaving her hair loose and with some reflections.

A new style that she adopted after her return to the country where she was born on August 15, 1989 in Madrid, the reactions were immediate for the “play out Christian Nodalwho posted the snapshot two days ago and in a couple of minutes racked up some likes.

“Beauty inside and out, Love of my life, I would give everything for that queen, Divine, You are a Goddess, How beautiful, Queen Beli, It is beautiful to listen to you with new music, Precious, How beautiful you are”, reads the messages that came to the publication of the “composer”.

Currently, the endearing actress of productions such as “Friends x Always” (2000), “adventures in time”(2001) “Accomplices to the rescue” (2002), among others, is one of the figures with the most subscribers on Instagram, accumulating to date 15.2 million followers who remain faithful to each of his steps.
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