In an interview with the Mail on Sunday Naomie Harris says that a “great celebrity” touched her during an audition.

Naomie Harris, who plays Eve Moneypenney in the Bond movies, told the British newspaper Mail this weekend Sunday that a world-famous actor put his hand under her skirt as she read the scripts at an audition. She declined to mention the man’s name, but added that no one in the room responded. They all pretended not to have seen it.

“What was so shocking was that the casting director and the director were there, but no one said anything to hold him accountable. Because he was a big star, he still is. It’s my only MeToo incident. So I was lucky, considering how pervasive this type of behavior was. ”

According to Harris, times have changed enormously. “I was recently part of a project where there was a MeToo incident on set and, without hesitation, the perpetrator was immediately removed from the set.”

When the journalist asked her who the author was, she also refused to answer. The British actress received an Oscar nomination in 2017 for her role in Moonlight . Now you can see it in the movies. There is no time to die in Poison: Let there be carnage .

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