‘The Idol’, the new series of HBO has given a lot to talk about on social networks for having the singer’s debut production The Weeknd and have a cast full of well-known names in the music industry, such as Jennie from BLACKPINK, who will also be trying her luck for the first time on the small screen.

The talented 26-year-old idol is from the group who has been involved in controversies the most, either because of her reserved personality or because of the love relationships she has had in the past, in whichever case her actions become a topic of conversation . Therefore, this new facet as an actress of the rapper has not been exempt from controversy.

After the reveal of the first scenes of the series on July 16, the public eye focused its attention on Jennie, trending his name for several days on the entertainment platform Twitter. But little time passed before some users of the application began to point out that the artist had made cultural appropriation.

However, some followers of BLACKPINK They still do not know the origin of these accusations, because between the euphoria of the moment and the short duration of the criticized scene, it surely went unnoticed by the eyes of a few. That is why we will explain what is behind the controversy.

In a certain part of the clip you can see Jennie being one of the supporting dancers that surround the protagonist, played by Lily Rose Deep. In this scene, the model and singer is seen wearing braids in her hair, attached to her skull, which were the cause of the debate on social networks.

After the conversation regarding the inequality and aggression suffered by people of color began to grow in 2020, awareness of some microaggressions within society began to grow, among which was the indiscriminate appropriation of cultural elements by the television industry. Fashion.

It is precisely the hairstyle that the member of BLACKPINK one of the most recurring themes on the internet, since the reasons why it should not be used for simple aesthetics, outside a context of cultural exchange, have been explained on multiple occasions.

And this is not the first time that criticism has rained down on one of the four girls that make up the group, because last year when the rapper and dancer Lisa released his first solo album entitled ‘LALISA’, the remark about her hairstyle was also made in the song video’MONEY’.

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