Recently, a couple of photographs have circulated on the internet showing the famous actor Ben Affleck asleep during Honeymoon with JLo, which without a doubt managed to unleash a great wave of memes.

And it is that, as we announced to you a couple of days ago, the newlyweds are in the city of Paris enjoying their romantic honeymoon.

As you may remember, a week ago Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez tied the knot in Las Vegas, so now the couple is spending their honeymoon in Paris.

However, the actor was capturing taking a nap on a yacht, which caused the teasing on social networks.

And the most curious thing is that compared to her husband, JLo looks extremely radiant, in fact the interpreter of On the floor showed off her happiness through her Instagram account, where she shared a photograph smiling from the bed.

According to photographs that were shared on social networks, the newlyweds walked along the Seine River, in the so-called “city of love”.

However, it seems that this did not prevent the actor from falling asleep on the luxurious boat.

As expected, the hundreds of memes and jokes were unleashed, due to the prenuptial contract that the couple supposedly has.

Well, before they arrived at the altar they signed a strange agreement on relationships in bed, in which the actress asks her fiancé to have sex no less than four times a week.

On the other hand, lately the life of the American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez seems to be full of special dates and big announcements.

And it is that on Saturday, July 16, the artist married actor Ben Affleck in Las Vegas and then on Sunday the 24th, the interpreter of Let’s get loud took advantage of her 53rd birthday to present JLo Body, a new body cream from her cosmetic line JLo Beauty.

So many exciting things are happening these days and as you all know. I’m always full of surprises that I love to share with you first. Last weekend was obviously one of the biggest, but definitely not the last. As you know, today is my birthday, so I thought I’d share another little secret with you, my most loyal fans,” Lopez wrote.

And in addition to announcing that their businesses are growing through this weekly newsletter, Lopez has shared the photo of her posing without clothes and the video presenting the product’s advertising campaign through her Instagram account, in which she reaches 219 million followers.

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