Reclining, Belinda leaves internet users speechless with her otherworldly beauty

The 33-year-old artist uploaded a series of posts on social networks, causing great interaction with her fans.

After her separation with Christian Nodal, Belinda focused one hundred percent on her professional career. Leaving aside the controversies, the young artist preferred to focus on her return to the small screen and music, after several years away from the scene. Thus, we saw her playing Africa in the Spanish Netflix series “Bienvenidos a Eden”, in the first and second season.

As for music, we know that in her youth, Belinda released hits such as “Angel”, “Luz sin gravedad”, “Bella traición” and “Lo siento”, among many others. However, in the last decade the singer had not had as much musical reach as before. Even so, last year, the 33-year-old artist resurfaced in the musical plan by releasing “Edén”, the official song of the Netflix series, and other songs that became popular such as “Las 12”, with Ana Mena and “La niña de la escuela”, with Lola Índigo and Tini.

What has undoubtedly remained a pattern in her life is modeling. Belinda has a face carved by the gods and an enviable figure. For this reason, there are several brands that ask to work with her to promote them in their social networks. Especially on Instagram, a platform where she has more than 16 million followers and a lot of interaction for the content she uploads.

Precisely, one of her most recent posts surpassed 700 thousand “likes”, since, in it, Belinda modeled like a pro for the jeans brand Levy. “The eyes Chico they never lie”, wrote the star of “Amigos x Siempre” quoting the iconic phrase said by Al Pacino in “Scarface” (1983), the classic film by Brian de Palma. The phrase, in Spanish, means “The eyes, Chico, they never lie”.

In the comments of the Instagram post, her fans complimented the artist’s beauty with messages like the following: “True she looks like a high fashion model…! she was perfect to be a victoria secret model”; “That’s how her pants looked on my Barbies”; “Amazing!”; “How beautiful!”; “The real PODRANNNNN”; “The Princess of Latin Pop”; “But… mother of the beautiful love! stomp on my face, please!”; “It’s beautiful no matter who it hurts”; “Fuegoooooooo”; “Iconic you”; “If I buy a pair like this, I’m guaranteed to look just as beautiful as Beli”.

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