Belinda confessed that she is not interested in having a new relationship

Belinda confessed that she is not interested in having a new relationship

The singer talked about her love life and revealed that she has been through difficult times, but is currently doing well.
The singer talked about her love life and revealed that she has been through difficult times, but is currently doing well.

After Christian Nodal and Belinda announced that they had ended their engagement, the singer confessed that at the moment she is not interested in having a new relationship.

Since last February the interpreter of Light without gravity and Nodal ended their courtship on the verge of marriage, both would have focused on their respective careers. In the case of Belinda, she premiered Welcome to Eden, a Netflix series in which she stars and which has kept her residing in her native Spain, from where she denied having a new partner because she even confessed that she was forbidden same.

During an interview with Ventaneando , the singer revealed that she has not found love in Spain, but she is not alone, since she has made many friends who accompany her and, in addition, her pet Cuatro is always with her.

“Right now boyfriend is not allowed , that topic is prohibited at the moment , but all of the series are my friends. I bring Four , who is my puppy and my faithful companion, who is right here with me, I adore him and I couldn’t ask for more. Not every time I grab a handsome man by the arm it means there’s something wrong , right now I’m very calm and I want to have friends. I’m concentrating on my career, on my job and that’s my priority.”

The actress also emphasized that at the moment she is very focused on her career and, due to the workload, she does not have time to think about love , so she prefers not to talk about possible or future love relationships.

Belinda took the opportunity to mention that despite the fact that the public currently sees her happy and enjoying the successes she is reaping, she went through very difficult situations and “a lot of pain”. However, she stated that she is feeling better now.

“They have been difficult moments , but now I can tell you that I am very well. I thank you for watching. Just because you hear me happy, doesn’t mean it was easy because not everything is happiness and not everything is joy or pretty things. It’s been a lot of work, suffering, pain and that’s life … I can tell you that I feel much better”

On the other hand, he confessed that he had contact with Danna Paola , because the actress congratulated her when Welcome to Eden was released , but they have not talked about a possible collaboration, although they do not take their finger off the line.

“We have been in contact and she is a super pretty girl , I respect her a lot and if she has the opportunity to make a song, why not? I would love to. She is a super talented woman that I respect, that I like and hopefully she does, “revealed the singer.

In addition to this, Beli confirmed that Alejandro Gou sought her out to star in the musical of Chicas Pesadas with Danna Paola, but at the moment it is still a proposal and she hopes that her colleague accepts if this project were to be carried out.

And it is that on April 24, Gou mentioned during a press conference that both interpreters would have agreed to be in his staging, however, he still does not have the rights to start production.

“I am rubbing and rubbing that they give me the rights, because according to what they were going to release the film, but I will continue insisting because as soon as they give them to me I have Danna’s yes and Belinda’s yes, ”said the producer.

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