Social networks have become a platform where celebrities take the opportunity to open their hearts with their followers and tell them about some of the moments they go through in their lives, some happier than others. This was the case of Daniela Ospina, James Rodríguez’s ex-wife, who this Monday used the digital platform to open up.

Through a publication, the athlete showed her most vulnerable side with a photograph in which she appears crying after a difficult moment. Likewise, Ospina took the opportunity to express to her followers that not everything in life is rosy and that not feeling well is also normal and is part of life.

“To be bad, it is also good! Today I want to share with you this photo from recently, a day in which I felt fragile, sad and overwhelmed, but a photo that is so real, so human and as honest as the life itself. Do not forget that you are allowed to feel like this, embrace these feelings with love, and thank you very much, because from them comes strength, experience and the desire to get up as many times as necessary”, was the message left by the businesswoman in the caption.


Although the businesswoman is not much about sharing what happens in her private life and the feelings that she carries in her heart on social networks, after her father died in 2019, she shared the teachings that he left her in her life and expressed How hard it was to let go

“I always remember a dad present who was the most important thing, a dad who dedicated time to me, dedicated every moment of his life and who accompanied me in every moment of my life until the last day of his, was there for me and for me”, the volleyball player recalled.

Likewise, the woman from Antioquia recalled that she did not want to continue seeing her father suffer, approximately three very painful months in which she felt that the world was coming upon her and living a reality that it is difficult to control the situation; She also mentioned that her father came to weigh 40 kilos after being a man of approximately 80 kilograms of weight.

“There comes a time when I told God that first to give me strength to accept things as they should be accepted, a person who had already completed his cycle and did not want to see him suffer anymore, there came a moment of despair, anguish and of trying to stop him from leaving, there was a moment in my life when I closed my eyes and asked God to put him by his side”, expressed at the time.

In the interview conducted for the program La Red, Daniela recalled all the lessons her father left her.

“We are always attached to the earthly when we are really going to be in eternity, they never teach us to do processes of acceptance to many things and in the end we are human beings who get used to everything but in the end we always go to the same place”, she held.

La Paisa also referred to the fact that her father is and will always be the only love of her life, she stressed that she has a special connection with her father because situations have occurred and that she simply looks to the sky and reinforces that she always thinks that he is the one who puts them on the road.

“I was a gum with him, we went to parties like those that your parents take you and I would not let him dance with anyone, we were so attached that I slept with my parents until I was 18 years old, until I left home and obviously I I am huge and we no longer fit in the bed, we slept hugging and it was very loving, that was our connection,” Salomé’s mother recalled.

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