• The beautiful and successful Becky G is in Spain giving live performances and being close to her fans, with the incredible concerts, as well as shooting their hearts with the dazzling outfits in which she has been seen.

Now, the 25-year-old singer was present in one of the most famous Spanish television programs, the anthill where they were interviewing him about her artistic career, as well as the great success of her most recent studio album “SCHEMES”.

However, she was also making some confessions, something like that she has a ritual before going on stage, above it she shows herself as an empowered woman, sure of herself, as well as of her talent, everything is credited to the aforementioned ritual, which would not be what everyone would believe.

Well, the dance has a very important role in it, as well as the song “the toucan”, just as you read it, dancing to the rhythm of the single by The Tijuana toucans is really important for Becky Gwho confessed that she danced like “aunt in quinceañera” while playing in the background.

Paul Motorcycles confessed that he thought it was a joke when he found out about the aforementioned ritual, he said:

“You do a ritual before the theme of the concerts, where you do some cleaning, then you drink tequila, then you pray and then you dance to a song called “El Tucanazo”

To which the interpreter of “Greater”With all naturalness he agreed, confirming the information that the host of the Spanish program was providing live, but his response was that he believed it was not true, because he said that he heard the song and that is why he thought it would be a joke.

That impressed Becky G who began to sing the melody, the production reproduced it and that caused the talented Californian to get up from her seat and then begin to dance just live, to which Pablo imitated her trying to recreate the step she was doing.

“Dancing like an aunt in a quinceañera” with one hand on her abdomen, raising the other and going around with little jumps, as the track continued to be heard, the host of the program felt the rhythm inside her body and did other dance steps that took her a smile to the audience.

The audience was also dancing, since Becky G asked them to get up from their seats to brighten up their day as well, feeling the rhythm of “the toucan” inside.

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