Azela Robinson and Carmen Salinas

What Azela Robinson Said About Carmen Salinas and What Was the Response of Her Relatives

The actress Azela Robinson made a statement about the health of Carmen Salinas, who has been hospitalized for a week.

Azela Robinson decided to comment on the current state of health of Carmen Salinas , who this Thursday, November 18, completed a week in hospital, to which the relatives of the first actress reacted.

What did Azela Robinson say?

It should be noted that Carmen is Azela’s artistic godmother, so they both have a great relationship, as there is admiration and respect.

In an interview for the program “Hoy”, Azela Robinson expressed her feelings for the current state of Carmen Salinas and gave her opinion on the fact that he is in a coma.

“I want her to go in peace, to leave happy, to go away in peace. To reunite with her loved ones, like her son, like ‘Chatito’. I think that for Carmen the best thing would be for her to leave because what she has It is very serious, and she is not happy if she is not working, if she does not have communication with the press, the press that she has loved so much, that she has pampered so much, then if she cannot have that, it is better to go to another plane and be happy there , “said the actress.

What generated many opinions found on social networks , as her fans expressed their feelings with Robinson’s words.

The response of their relatives

In a meeting with various communications media, which was taken up by the “De Primera Mano” program, Carmen Plasencia, Salinas’ granddaughter, was questioned about the issue of Azela .

“We do not get hooked on what is said on social networks. People want and understand the words of the teacher (Azela Robinson) and they are the good wishes towards my grandmother, “ answered Carmen Salinas’ granddaughter.

Latest health report from Carmen Salinas

On the other hand, the actress’s granddaughter shared how the theater producer is also continuing, because for days she has remained the same.

“It is very difficult to comment on them as good news, because you have to have a certain reserve, that is, there is stability that yes, within this framework of gravity, let’s take it as something positive, however, that does not stop making my grandmother at risk constant, there are vital signs functioning by herself, she is nourishing herself with food, her body is taking advantage of it, there are still involuntary movements “ , expressed Carmen Plasencia.

In addition, he said that Salinas continues to receive medications to avoid complications while she remains in intensive care.

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