Stephane Rousseau confides: His son Axel, his break-up with Reem Kherici

A cinephile, she loves watching trailers and historic moments on TV. The next James Bond movie or Barack Obama’s inauguration speech give her the same thrill.
Stéphane Rousseau is proud to defend his new show. He “breaks the ice” on stage, and the Quebec comedian also confides sincerely and humorously, recounting his daddy moods and his break-up with Reem Kherici.

Stephane Rousseau

In her first film, Paris à tout prix, Reem Kherici had the pleasure of directing Stéphane Rousseau, her partner at the time. A couple for four years, they met on the set of the comedy Fatal, by and starring Michaël Youn. Officially separated from the actress since October, he explains how the age difference between them (seventeen years apart) manifested itself for Voici magazine: “In many ways. In terms of cultural references. You talk about stuff, and the other has no idea what you’re talking about. The same goes for decorating. I’m the type to put a dead deer’s head above the bed. Madam likes it less. Women have no sense of design (laughs)!”

Before Reem, there was the dancer Maud Saint-Germain, with whom he stayed for six years. It was with her that he had a son, Axel, aged 5 and a half. In the same interview, he confides about fatherhood: “It made me feel responsible. But my son keeps me very young. I spend all my time playing on all fours with him, messing around. We make a lot of mess and I find it hard to pick up. So it’s my son who comes behind me to tidy up the house.” As the estranged father of Axel’s mother, he admits to having a great deal of respect for single mothers: “I’m able to manage, but women do a lot more than that (…) Me, like any other guy, it’s a bit harder. He leaves dressed a bit off-key, a bit dishevelled. And I forget to wash him from time to time.”

In the course of the conversation, we also learn that he had his wallet stolen on the Champs-Elysées as soon as he arrived in France, and that he has a soft spot for French women: “The accent seduces me, even if you think you don’t have one.”

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