Rapper Kanye West could be left without meeting the family of his new wife, as Minister Jason Clare reported that his Australian visa hangs by a thread

Everything seems to indicate that Kanye West could face a new consequence for the anti-Semitic comments he issued at the end of 2022. And it is that the Australian Minister of Education, Jason Clare, expressed this Wednesday his doubts that the American rapper can enter the country because of his speech.
It was during an interview on the Channel Nine television channel that Clare described Ye’s comments as “horrible” and spoke about the possible visit that the famous would make to said territory after marrying the Australian architect Bianca Censori.

“People like that who have applied for visas to enter Australia in the past have been turned down. I suppose that if he requests it, he would have to go through the same process and answer the same questions,” the minister explained.

With this statement, his position on the controversy that involved the interpreter of ‘Donda’ a few months ago was made more than clear, when he described the leader of Nazi Germany as a “great guy”. “I like the Jews, but I also love the Nazis,” he revealed in an interview on a far-right blog.

It should be noted that this would not be the first time that Australia denied visas to people with controversial ideas. Such was the case in 2017 with the American Kent Heckenlively, a self-proclaimed leader in the anti-vaccination campaign.

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