Thalía interprets ‘In privacy’ at 20 in flirty swimsuit

Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda interprets ‘In privacy’ at 20 in flirty swimsuit

From her first albums, Thalía managed to steal the hearts of all of Mexico and Latin America thanks to her unparalleled talent with which she composed catchy songs that marked more than a generation, becoming classics of pop in Spanish. On this occasion, a fan page was reviving the hit ‘En La Intimidad’ and the respective video clip.

With a video where she shows off much more than her ability as an interpreter, the Mexican celebrity was giving one of the best performances to her fans in the 1990s, which was dusted off on the Instagram entertainment platform where the clip was released in commemoration of the iconic moment.

like a diva, Thalia She released a single in 1991 as part of her album ‘Mundo de Cristal’, which many will remember for its high content of flirtation and the playful references contained in her lyrics, which already characterize the Mexican. For this reason it was more than necessary for her most loyal fans to relive these scenes.

With a duration of 5 minutes and a few seconds more, the offered show managed to captivate thanks to the fact that the celebrity appeared before the cameras in an unusual location: on the seashore. The waves were one of the most significant parts of their presentation, as they added intensity to the choreography.

Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda
Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda

The eighties influence on the instrumental together with the revolutionary proposal of Thalia With her lyrics she was a bomb for the industry in those years, as she managed to make the youth of thirty years ago rebel against the taboos dragged from previous decades.

Her fans can get carried away with the sticky rhythm and the strong interventions of the electric guitar, delighting in the higher tones that the voice of the ‘Marimar’ actress can reach almost effortlessly while she dances, creating the perfect atmosphere to develop a romantic night at any time you listen to it.

‘En La Intimidad’ is part of the album Mundo de Cristal, which was the second studio album by Thalia and it was composed of 12 musical pieces that address the most intimate facets of love as a couple, letting their words surround the most secret proposals that can be made to the loved one.

This album was released to the public globally on September 26, 1991 under the Melody/Fonovisa record label, with production by Alfredo Diaz Ordaz. It was so successful that it won the gold record twice in Mexico thanks to its impressive sales.

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