Arantxa Sánchez Vicario admits her guilt to avoid jail

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario admits her guilt to avoid jail

The former tennis player acknowledges that she sold all her assets but following a plan orchestrated by her ex-husband Josep Santacana not to pay the Bank of Luxembourg

Aranxta Sánchez Vicario, accused of a crime of confiscation of assets for which she faces four years in prison, has presented before the judge a defense brief in which she assumes her guilt and shows her repentance in order to obtain a reduction of the sentence, according to “El País”.

In the text, to which the aforementioned media has had access, it does not request acquittal, but rather that the sentence be reduced and they impose 7 months to avoid going to jail. The former tennis player acknowledges having been a “victim” of her ex-husband Josep Santacana, whom she accuses of having squandered the assets she accumulated during her career as a professional tennis player.


The case dates back to 2009, to the problems of the athlete with the treasury for which she was sentenced by the Supreme Court to pay a fine of 5.2 million. The Treasury recovered the money thanks to a counter-guarantee signed with the Bank of Luxembourg, who had welcomed the fortune of Arantxa.

But the entity was never able to recover the money as it was volatilized from the account. The international entity filed a complaint, leading to an investigation that has been completed.

The prosecution concludes that, “under the slogans” of the businessman, the couple “devised a plan” to under-capitalize and avoid paying the debt contracted with the Bank of Luxembourg.

In the brief presented now by Sánchez Vicario, it is highlighted that the extenista has tried to repair the damage as much as possible by paying 1.8 million euros of a figure that today reaches 6,170,942 euros plus interest.

The player’s lawyer, Borja Vives, partner of DWF-RCD, has asked that sentenced to seven months in jail and let it be decreed suspension of sentence. The Court of Instruction 4 of Barcelona will analyze this writing.

If in 2012, the athlete appeared as a victim of the economic pillage that her parents had made her, now she does it from Santacana, to whom she gave with “carelessness, ignorance and confidence” the management of her assets that he “took advantage of” to “enrich himself ” at your expense.

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