Since Canales Rivera confessed in Secret Story who changed his grandfather’s will without his approval to benefit his mother, Antonio Rivera has a stake on his nephew who also fhe was appointed universal heir to Riverita, Paquirri’s more bohemian brother. Now, according to the magazine Diez Minutos, Antonio Rivera has volunteered to undergo a DNA test to prove the parentage of Jacobo Moreno, his brother’s alleged secret son. If the result is positive, the young man would become Riverita’s sole heir, leaving Jose Antonio Canales with nothing.

Jacobo Moreno has asked Antonio Rivera for help to prove that he is Riverita’s biological son and that he, tafter receiving the filiation request, He has not hesitated to undergo a test that proves the relationship in a laboratory. Quite a blow for Canales Rivera that, ten months after death of José Rivera Pérez, Better known as Riverita, her last wishes could take a totally unexpected turn. Antonio Rivera has carried out a DNA test and, pending the result, precautionary measures have been requested to prevent Canales, you can keep selling your uncle’s belongings.

The paternity lawsuit of Jacobo Moreno

The appearance of Jacobo Moreno, and their demand for paternity, has not surprised the Rivera who knew of the possible existence of several secret children of Riverita. In fact, according to what has transpired, father and son knew each other although, due to the distance that separated them, Jacobo resides in Castellón, their relationship would not have been close. Jacobo asked Riverita, on several occasions, to take genetic tests to verify her parentage, although they never did. Now, it has been Antonio Rivera who has lent himself to do it and the result does not offer any doubts.

Burial of José Rivera "Riverita"

As published by Ten Minutes “Consulted the YHRD database, which contains a total of 280,337 different halotypes, two cases have been found worldwide, which implies a reliability of 99’993% and 0 coincident cases among the Spanish population, which implies a reliability greater than 99 ‘ 99% “.

As stated in the claim filed in the Court of First Instance number 10 of Castellón “such evidence indicates that there is a probability of about 75 percent that Jacobo Moreno Muñoz is the son of José Rivera Pérez.” In this way, and if no one contested this paternity, Jacobo Moreno would become the new universal heir to Riverita, becoming a full member of one of the most media sagas in the country.

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