The malagueño has been very hard with the presenter of ‘Save me’

At this point in the movie, no one should be surprised the anger that Antonio David Flores feels towards ‘Sálva me’ and a good part of the magazine’s team of Telecinco.

It was fired in full direct after the premiere of the documentary series ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’, and since then he has become an ungrateful person not only in the Vasile chain, but in practically all the media.

This is why the man from Malaga launched his own YouTube channel, where he publishes videos in which he does not leave a puppet with a head. On this occasion, Carlota Corredera has been received.

Antonio David has published a video montage composed of several fragments in which Carlota Corredera talks about gender violence and feminism, also including images of Juls Janeiro accusing ‘Save me’ of use “feminism when you want” and of the presenter in the trial of Pepa Jiménez against Mediaset and La Fábrica de la Tele, using them to defend her argument and target Vigo’s.

But the worst is yet to come, and it is that his last publication by the Malaga man on his YouTube channel consists only of a preview of what will be a long monologue against the woman who was one day his co-worker. Furthermore, at the end, he issues a serious warning: “Sister, speak up”. What do you mean?

It is not the first time that Antonio David Flores uses his YouTube channel to pour toads and snakes against some face of ‘Save me’, the last to suffer his fury was Jorge Javier Vázquez, to whom he dedicated an open letter in which, among other things, he reproached the presenter having attacked his daughter Rocío Flores in his blog, to whom he suggested that he stop working at the chain that supposedly has done so much damage to his family.

Who do you think you are to decide when someone’s career ends?” asks an offended Antonio David.

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