Antonio David ‘parks’ Rocío Carrasco and goes to the war chronicle in Ukraine

Antonio David ‘parks’ Rocío Carrasco and goes to the war chronicle in Ukraine

The whole world watches with concern Russia’s war in Ukraine, and the rest of the issues on the public agenda have taken a backseat. Antonio David Flores is aware of the interest that the population shows towards the contest, and has decided to make a 180 degree turn to his Youtube channel to cover the last hour on the conflict.

Although, until now, his official account on the platform has focused on information related to Rocío Carrasco, Telecinco and some collaborators of ‘Sálvame’, it seems that now the Malaga prefers to ‘park’ these issues to focus on the massacre that is taking place in the east of the old continent.

Antonio David claims to have “images of what is happening on the border between Poland and Ukraine” and “testimonials from people who have been there recently and who are going to tell us about the situation there”.

A Ukrainian woman who resides in Spain and who, thanks to her contacts in the invaded country, will also take part in the Malaga channel help hundreds of volunteers provide citizens with everything they may need: clothing, food, medicines, toys for children.

The former civil guard is broadening his horizons and expanding the type of content he publishes on his YouTube channel. In fact, it is not the first time that Antonio David approaches journalism or reporting.

A few weeks ago, he appeared along with several colleagues from the press at the trial of Carlota Prado, the woman who allegedly suffered sexual abuse while competing in ‘Big Brother Ravolution’.

Given the surprise that more than one took to see him there, Rocío Carrasco’s ex assured: “I come from a journalist to cover a video for my channel.”

In the same way, shortly after he did the same during the visit of Alberto Díaz, director of ‘Sálvame’, in the Madrid courts of Plaza de Castilla to testify for the ‘Deluxe Operation’.

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