Antonio David breaks his silence on 'Youtube':

Antonio David breaks his silence on ‘Youtube’: “They shoot all those who do not dance the music they play”

The former collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ has spoken for the first time and has done so on Diego Arrabal’s YouTube channel

Eight days have passed since the magazine ‘Lecturas’ brought to light the separation of Antonio David and Olga Moreno. Since then, and although the family chose at first to deny this news to ‘La Razón’, the silence on the part of the protagonists is already a reality.

There are many theories and different information on this issue, but the truth is that the Flores-Moreno pact focused on not granting statements to the media, continues to surprise many. But just a few hours ago, Antonio David has decided to step forward.

While Diego Arrabal was broadcasting live through his YouTube channel to answer the accusations that Jorge Javier Vázquez has made on him on Wednesday afternoon, the paparazzi received a message from the father of Dew Flowers which is giving a lot to talk about:

“They are going to get me. They shoot everyone who doesn’t dance to the music they play. Take care of yourself and don’t get wet for me. Your work first, cousin. A hug”.

This is the first time that Antonio David manifests himself publicly after the news of the separation.

A message that, although brief, has a lot of interpretation. With him, he hints that the media harassment that he and his wife are being subjected to by some media is not a coincidence, and that only those who play “in favor of work” have a place in their “show”.

In the following video, everyone who wants to can listen to the moment when Antonio David breaks his silence.

Thousands of people were attentive to the moment in which Diego Arrabal made public the words that the former civil guard had dedicated to him.

There is no doubt that the facet as youtuber of the collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ is only growing, and that there are many users who follow him every night in his live shows.

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