Anthony Aranda and Melissa Paredes respond to Magaly Medina for continuing her version: “She wants to confuse people”

Anthony Aranda and Melissa Paredes respond to Magaly Medina for continuing her version: “She wants to confuse people”

Through the Instagram account, Melissa Paredes and your partner Anthony Aranda once again refers to the words of Magali Medina, who this Friday, February 24, supported his report on the supposed monthly salary of the dancer. This after Denis Montejoschool principal, came out to defend the activator and pointed out that Magaly TV The Firm manipulated his words

“Here we are not stupid, we have not only spoken with Gabriela Herrera (dancer), we have spoken with a lot of people to make our argument solid, but I am not going to put them all because I am not there to cater to every stranger in show business,” he said. .

“(The director of Montejo) kept talking and expressing himself. When he thought the cameras were off, he would tell us how much he earned, that they earned 100 or 150 soles per class. As Gabriela says, when you work in an academy, the highest percentage goes to the academy. He told us that (Anthony) only works Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” he said. Magali Medina but without showing the images of the interview.

Faced with this, Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda did not hesitate to react via social networks. This Saturday, February 25, the model asked her partner: “Love, can you explain to me, when did you say you had something?”

“No, I didn’t say, what’s happening is he wants to confuse people because he ended up without a floor,” the dancer replied.

Immediately, the host of Préndete continued: “Tangle, is that it? This is how it is used. Ay, a crazy calato”. Melissa Paredes pointed out at that moment that it had just crossed her mind “Oh, what a great idea, and wait and wait, how beautiful”, she said concluded with a laugh.

At another time, we see it melissa paredes wearing a black bikini and pointed out that it was that of discord. As you remember, Magali Medina He pointed out that because of this garment, many women felt uncomfortable in a private club.

“It’s the bikini of discord. Brandi (her dog) don’t be afraid, it’s just a bikini. Don’t worry”, he underlined sarcastically and in clear reference to the comments of the journalist of ‘ATV.

At another point, he showed that he has several suits, which he will wear at some point so that “they are happy”.

After modeling the costumes, she finally decided on one. “Well this is my beach outfit, this one won. So wait,” she said while modeling. “I’m going to arrive like this withered, covered (with the pareo) and I’m going to say ‘damn, nobody here, my love'”, he said, snapping his fingers.

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