Introducing Annyett Royale’s latest single, “WAITIN FOR YOU,” a collaboration with the esteemed Dancehall/Reggae artist and songwriter, Dre JA from Kingston, Jamaica, and the two-time Grammy-nominated producer, Wes Joseph. With Wes Joseph serving as the producer for this captivating track, Annyett Royale aims to captivate global listeners and make an indelible mark on the music scene through her mesmerizing blend of silky-smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

Annyett Royale WAITIN FOR YOU

Creating a Deep Connection with Her Audience

Through her evocative storytelling and infectious melodies, Royale has forged a deep connection with her audience, amassing a dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting her latest musical offering.

Annyett Royale’s Excitement

“I am thrilled beyond words to release my newest song to the world. It represents the culmination of my passion, creativity, and dedication. I eagerly anticipate listeners experiencing the emotions and journey that inspired this piece,” shares Annyett Royale.

The Follow-Up Hit Single: “Waitin For You”

Following her previous single, “I Wanna Know,” “Waitin For You” showcases Annyett Royale’s romantic and vulnerable side. Infused with authentic dancehall vibes, the single highlights her honeyed vocals against a certified track.

An Influential Sound

Annyett’s music is characterized as versatile, bold, and soulful, yet exudes an air of sophistication. She consistently pays homage to R&B influencers such as Brandy, Summer Walker, Monica, Fantasia Barrino, and more.

Listen to “WAITIN FOR YOU”

You can now enjoy the track “WAITIN FOR YOU” on all major streaming platforms, allowing you to immerse yourself in the melodic masterpiece.

About Annyett Royale

Annyett Royale is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, and CEO of Royale Records, based in Los Angeles. Her hit singles, “You’re the One” and “I Want to Know,” have gained significant traction on the Top 40 radio charts. Both songs reached number one on the indie music charts and maintained positions within the top 20 for several weeks. Annyett Royale began singing at the tender age of four, winning first place in local talent shows by the time she turned 13. She later encountered Snoop Dogg, who introduced her to Master P, resulting in a record deal with No Limit Records.

About Dre JA

Dre JA hails from the vibrant parish of Kingston and St. Andrew and boasts a diverse portfolio as a singer, songwriter, and producer. His passion for music blossomed during his high school years, where he received mentorship from the legendary Jimmy Cliff and the renowned icon from Jamaica, Grub Cooper of the Fab5 Band. Dre JA subsequently managed the famous Reggae veteran, Junior Reid, and collaborated with artists worldwide.

About Wes Joseph

Wes Joseph, a two-time Grammy-nominated producer, also showcases his talents as a singer and songwriter. He played a pivotal role in Annyett Royale’s previous top 40 radio hit, “I Wanna Know,” as a writer, producer, and co-writer.

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