After more than five years of relationship, Alberto Garzon and Anna Ruiz they said “yes, I want” on Aug 26 of 2017, at that time little was known about the discreet woman who had managed to win the heart of the Coordinator of the United Left, only what the politician showed on his social networks.

Four years after the link and two daughters in common -Olivia and Chole, aged 3 and 1, respectively-, Instagram brings us a little closer to Anna.

In the social network we found an unknown Anna so far, since we had only been able to see her with her husband on the occasional red carpet or official event.

The specialist in family and community medicine at the La Princesa Hospital in Madrid -Now on leave of absence- she speaks openly about any aspect of her life: mental health, family, love and even curiosities such as her “oddities”.

Among her more than 800 publications we find many in which Anna shows all her love to Alberto:

I remember the first time I saw you. In a summer course, in Ronda, I missed an exam review because I came to see you. I no longer remember the grade I got on that trauma test that I wanted to review. But I do remember, perfectly, the earthquake I felt when we looked at each other. And I remember vividly, thinking “oh my gosh, I’m never going to be able to look at another man without comparing him to him.” Since that day, many, many stories have passed. But you, you are still incomparable to anyone.”


The influencer also reveals how her relationship with the Minister has evolved after motherhood: “I am amused when they tell me that” the most important thing should be the couple and nothing should change with the arrival of the children. ”

“And it makes me laugh because it is absolutely false, I think it would be a problem if everything remained exactly the same. So I am grateful for having a partner who has known how to adapt to this great change as much as I have, with his months of not wanting sex, his days of total exhaustion, his moments of rage for unmet needs, we have evolved and every day I love you more and more.”

And it is precisely maternity and breastfeeding are two of her most recurrent topics on the social network, and that is because her interest in the subject led him to study a Master in Contraception and Sexual and Reproductive Health, in which she has been six months. So much so that she even has a tattoo on her back that “represents the strength of Mother Nature, the ability to create, to care.”

Her photographs breastfeeding her two daughters are some of the most applauded by her followers.

“I was dragging binges on food and vomiting”

Anna Ruiz also uncovers her soul for the followers and tells very private aspects of her life, as is this case in which she relates your eating problems and family problems:

“I did my first psychotherapy session at the age of 16, due to eating and family problems. I left it a little bit and I was dragging binge eating and vomiting, along with emotional dependence brutal by anyone who showed me the slightest love. And a constant need for validation. A few years ago I decided to start therapy again. Before that I thought I could handle everything. I’d bury my shit and keep moving forward without realizing that I was drowning. My psychologists have literally saved my life,” says the text.

Among her curiosities and oddities, the doctor confesses that she does not usually wear perfume and cannot bear to be touched on the inside of her wrists because “it makes me sick to death”.

She loves her clavicles and her legs, but the part of her body that she hates is her breasts.: “I fight in my heart to love them as they are and not end up operating them, but I have that doubt always there.”

In addition to her family, Alberto Garzón’s wife confesses that she enjoys nature and animals, especially her two cats, Elendil and Winter, which ensures that they are “one of the best things that have happened to me in life”.

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