The first leading role of Angelique Boyer in 2010 marked the rest of her projects and that is why the now crowned queen of Mexican soap operas appreciates all the job opportunities and awaits a diverse future.

“(Being a protagonist) is the dream that we all have, having had a first opportunity and continuing to preserve this place in the company (Televisa) is a privilege and something that is appreciated,” says Boyer this Friday interview with Efe.

At the age of 16, Angelique’s face began her path in soap operas with secondary characters, one of those projects was the emblematic adolescent program “Rebelde” (2004) in which she gave life to Vico Paz, with which the doors began to open in show business.

Although she had to spend some time to get the great role that would consolidate her as a telenovela queens, it was in 2010 that Boyer had the great opportunity she was waiting for by playing “Teresa”, the interested and greedy woman who denied her humble origins and that had previously been played by the star Salma Hayek in the late 80s.

The character had such an acceptance that, since then and to date, the artist of French origin and Mexican nationalized has not done a single project in which she has not been the main actress in history.

“Indeed I have been part of very emblematic projects on Mexican television, my dreams have come true in each of those stories making iconic characters and I live it with great gratitude and humility,” she confesses.

But Boyer, 33, says she knows that this is a stage of life that is not eternal, but in which you always need to give your best for the entertainment of the public.

“I love to see how new generations of very talented guys (young) are being formed just as I once was. I am aware that when the time is right I will have to make a transition and start counting characters from another age, another physical and another characteristic that requires me as an actress,” she says.

In her characters, the actress has approached feminine diversity with realistic proposals that reflect today’s society, romantic love stories, and has even taken up the challenge of giving life to three different women for the same project.

“I like to work and I have always known how to take advantage of opportunities, I also like that people rest from me and do not see me all the time. But I am not closed to anything at all,” she says.

“I believe that I have had a career that I embrace and that I do not do less than the cinema, or that another format, we have to value the fact that we work in entertainment and more now that a pandemic has passed”, also mentions the “influencer”.


Boyer is currently heading “Overcome the past” -a project by Rosy Ocampo’s production company- which is broadcast on the Las Estrellas channel and in which she plays a successful molecular biologist who has to face the hostility of a macho world and industry and that she will see her destiny changed due to social media.

“I believe that television is a way to send positive messages and is a space to talk about reality and face it and thus be able to generate topics for family conversation,” says the actress about the project that puts current problems on the table.

Another reason why Angelique enjoyed the work she carried out in the telenovela was because she was able to share once again her work with her partner, Sebastián Rulli, with whom she was also a couple in the iconic story of “Teresa” or more late in “Three times Ana” (2016).

“We didn’t think that we would work together again so soon and it was like not a single day had passed. It’s so familiar to me working with him on set and sharing a story where we are not the established couple from the beginning is interesting, well to this day we do not know if they are going to be together,” says the actress, who recently celebrated seven years as a couple with Rulli.

Now that the production tapes are over, Angelique will take a break from television but says she is eager to return to the theater and also said that she will continue to work on outside projects such as her protein and nutrition business.

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