“It is the recognition of the dreams of Latinos”: Angelica Vale on her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Last June, Angelica Vale and Salma Hayek learned that they earned their Hollywood star, recognition that is awarded based on the career and reach achieved by the artists.

On the occasion of this achievement, Angélica Vale spoke with us regarding her feelings about the female representation within the American industry. The Mexican actress and comedian commented that she is happy for the spaces that Latin women have won and acknowledged that they are setting a precedent for future generations.

“We are getting better every time. I feel that these girls are opening a very important and very beautiful path. Let the girls continue to pave the way for even more to come. As a Latina, I feel very honored,” she said.

The actress of ‘The most beautiful ugly’ expressed that the work Eiza González and Adria Arjona, daughter of the Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona are doing is very important and they make you happy. “Arjona’s girl is up to everything she gives and I am very pleased”, she commented

Angelica Vale commented that her Star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an award that was achieved thanks to the recognition of Latino work in the United States, especially for the path that women such as Adria Arjona, Eiza González and Rachel Zegler.

She also spoke about the decision to Disney for giving her the role of Snow White to a woman born in the United States but of Latino descent. The impersonator said that the achievement of Rachel Zegler is a precedent because a character will be interpreted away from the stereotypes of characters previously destined for Latinos.

I love that they are giving him a princess that is not Latin, it fascinates me because then already they are giving us papers that do not necessarily have to be Latino,” she declared.

In general, Angélica Vale said that the Latino effort is beginning to be reflected within the Hollywood art industry due to the effort and perseverance that many have made over the years.

The daughter of “La novia de México” confessed that she never believed that the executives would turn to see her because so far her work is in her mother tongue.

“I think there is still a long way to go. When you keep doing work in Spanish you never think they will see you and perhaps I am still thinking very old because I believe that now they are turning to see more of the Latin side, respecting a little more the people who work on this side,” she said.

Regarding her Star, Angelica revealed that she did not apply to participate for the space, everything was done in secret by her husband Otto Padrón and she only found out when she was following the announcement of the winners on television.

The actress commented that she was accompanied by her mother and her husband when she saw her name on the screen in the background.

“He was the one who put the application.  I see my name, I turn to my husband and I start saying I hate you, I hate you, I imagined that he did that and it was a surprise to me”, Vale narrated, reliving the emotion she felt with laughter.

Angélica Vale declared that she was proud because all of her projects have been in Spanish. She commented that she has not worked in English because the opportunity has not been presented but she has not refused to do so. She also dedicated the award to her grandmother Angelica Ortiz.

All these American accolades are like our dreams of all Latinos. I dedicate it to my grandmother who was my mentor, my best friend, my teacher, absolutely everything I am is because of my grandmother”, she concluded.

Ashley Johnson
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